Posted on: January 29, 2012 3:30 pm

Douchebag Coaches in New York

     If you ask me Greg Schiano is a douchebag. What a jerk leaving Rutgers the week before National signing day.  Rutgers needs a big time coach to bring them to the big-time. It's New York(almost) dammit! But you know exactly what's going to happen don't you? I'll tell you. They will rush to sign a coach before national signing day and he will be the wrong coach and the Rutgers football program will be in the toilet bowl again. 

     Another coach who is a douchebag is Knicks  Mike D'Antoni.  Has this guy ever heard of the word defense?  Dolan should fire his ass tomorrow and try to lure the great Phil Jackson to Madison Square Garden. Jackson would turn this team around fast and the way jackson's teams play will bring back the famous Garden chants of DEFENSE DEFENSE!!  The Knicks need a point guard desperately so carmelo doesn't shoot 100 times a game. They need a guy at the point who will dish the rock and get Amare involved. The blame for not having a point guard falls on D'Antoni. Of course the douche D'Antoni wants Nash but please keep him away from New York. The Knicks will remain a 500 club under the douche untill they bring a real coach back to NY.

     Another coach in New York who's a douche is Rex Ryan. Don't get me wrong I love ryan's bravado and all his talking but he has to learn to put a sock in his mouth at certain times and you better be sure your team will back up your talk with W's.  That will never happen as long as Mark Sanchez is the QB and Santonio Holmes is on the roster.  Making Holmes a capt. was a douchebag move Rex and not knowing about all the dissention in the locker room is also douche. Maybe if you get Peyton  and you predict a super bowl for the jets next year then maybe you won't be a douchebag. 

     The rest of the New York coaches, Tom Coughlin was a douchebag from weeks 7 through 14 then he became GOD.  Enough said about him. Nets coach Avery johnson is a douche because he sounds funny. Yankee skipper Joe Giradi just seems like the typical "{I'm better than you douchebag". Met's manager Terry Collins is the perfect guy to manage the triple A NY Mets. That makes him a douchebag. Islanders coach jack Capuano is a douche cause he loses all the time. Ranger coach John Tortorella's favorite word is f*** and he seems like an asshole but the rangers are on top of the Eastern Confrence so he's ok in my book. 

     There you have it the douchebag's of coaching in New York. Go BIG BLUE!!! the kid has spoken.
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